How To Stimulate His Mind

Gay Man Chat

To establish a rapport and a connection, with the friendly, like-minded and sexy stranger that you’re chatting to on the UK’s busiest gay phone service, it’s important that you more than flirty. Stimulating his mind will score you brownie points, and increase your chances of successfully arranging a date.

Show off your personality and confidence by engaging your POI in light-hearted and cool banter that effortlessly develops into hot seduction.

Explore Each Other’s Minds

To make a great impression, you don’t have to be OTT in your behaviour or with your compliments. Being your usual warm, charismatic and friendly self will make any guy that you message on ManChat positively responsive towards you. Send a cheeky private message or a flirty text, and take your time getting to know each other before arranging a meet.

When you explore each other’s minds you share ideas and create a joint vision that is bigger and better than anything you could have imagined by yourself. Initiate conversation by focusing your attention on your crush, so that you can get to know how his brain works. Talk about a variety of topics, including dating-friendly general interest and personal stuff such as background, work life, family history and culture. Discovering mutual likes and dislikes will also help to bond you closer together.

You’ll gain a rounded view of each other’s values and opinions, as you form mutual respect and trust.

Pay Non-Physical Compliments

While everyone loves to receive compliments about their physical appearance and good looks, these types of comments do little to stimulate the mind and make someone putty in your hands. To make your POI feel extra special, compliment him on his sharp mind, wit and intelligence. If he’s particularly knowledgeable about something, mention that too.

Make sure that your compliments sound genuine and sincere.

Ask Great Questions

To unlock the mystery of what makes someone tick, you have to be brave enough to ask great questions. This is not the time to focus on small talk and hot gossip about superficial stuff. You need to be willing to dig deeper, if you want to stimulate his mind like no one else has ever done before!

Begin by asking him questions that relate to his most recent and/or significant memories, goals and dreams. Move on to questions that explore unlimited possibilities… “If you had a superpower, what would it be?”; “If you could time travel, what year would you visit?”; “if you could steal something and not get caught, what would it be?”

As you stimulate his mind with thought-provoking questions, you’ll also be working magic on his senses.

Share Your Thoughts

The most personal and intimate thing that you can do with another person surprisingly doesn’t involve sex. Sharing your thoughts with someone offers them an open invitation to get to know your vulnerable side. This takes time, patience and practice, so be prepared to go slow when melding minds and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Have Fun

When you’re chatting and flirting with a handsome hunk that you instantly clicked with on ManChat, you should definitely be having fun. Mind stimulation doesn’t only involve hot topics that are personal and serious in nature. Expressing personality and a sense of humour is equally important when establishing a connection and rapport.

Tickle his funny bone, and make him LOL, by sharing stories about past experiences. It’s fine to talk about people and situations that make you laugh, but avoid being rude or crude.

If you can stimulate his mind while also making him chuckle, you’ll have made a first class impression on any guy that you want to date.

Tell Him How He Makes You Feel

Once you’ve completed your fun and light-hearted fact-finding mission, you’ll need to integrate all that you have learned about your POI.

Think about the information and ideas you have shared and explored together. If you find that you’ve been mutually stimulated by your interaction, you could have the basis for a future successful relationship!

To get him addicted to you, show honest and genuine interest by letting him know how he makes you feel.

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Casual Gay Sex Vs Relationship Gay Sex

Gay Sex

For sex to be great, it should ideally be an erotically charged, exciting and fun experience that leaves you and your partner both feeling orgasmically satisfied and exhilarated. Unfortunately for most people, the quality, and frequency, of sex usually starts to wane once the honeymoon period is over in a relationship. How you feel about yourself, your body confidence, and the way that you connect with other people, also play a part in the fulfilment of your sex life.

Not getting enough sex, if you’re in a relationship, may tempt you to stray and go in search of casual gay sex that is uninhibited. Gay, bi and straight men looking for ways to make their sex life more thrilling enjoy no strings attached fun on the phone, when they hook up with guys who are just as horny, on ManChat.

Whether you’re looking for short-term NSA encounters, or hoping to meet a man who is Mr Right for the long-term, you can definitely find the perfect match for you, on a phone chat, text and online dating service that is nationwide.

Casual Gay Sex – The Pros & The Cons

Casual gay sex will appeal to you, if you’re the kind of man who tends to view sex as a goal, and you want it frequently and regularly, with a variety of partners. Besides being exciting and risqué, casual sex gives you the freedom to explore your sexuality, with no pressure or obligation involved.


  • Having sex with someone you’ve just met can be intoxicating, addictive and liberating
  • Hooking up with different guys can add variety to your sexual repertoire
  • One-time hook-ups can be the perfect antidote to getting over a relationship break up, or help to enhance the level of intimacy that you have in a current relationship
  • Casual sex can give you a massive ego boost, and elevate your self-confidence
  • It’s easy to connect and click with a genuine casual sex partner on ManChat, for flirty banter, or a hot date that promises casual sex


  • You’ve got to be willing to put in the effort to get what you want – sign up for free on the gay text chat dating service and start your casual sex search today
  • Not all casual sexual encounters will live up to your expectations – so be realistic!
  • So many men, so little time! If you don’t have a sexual type, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of profiles of different men featured on the site

Relationship Gay Sex

When you’re in a committed gay relationship, the sexual intimacy that you share with your partner means a lot more than just getting your rocks off. In a relationship, you can feel vulnerable, emotionally bonded and loved. If the partnership lacks trust, mutual respect and harmony however, sex usually suffers and can become a chore, an obligation or non-existent.


  • Great sex in a relationship makes you feel fulfilled, loved and happy
  • You know each other’s sexual likes/dislikes and have healthy boundaries
  • If you’re on the same wavelength, you can explore your sexuality, kinks and fetishes in a safe space
  • Your emotional needs are also met
  • Sex is virtually on tap


  • It’s easy to fall into a predictable sexual pattern – sex only at the weekends, or routine sexual positions
  • Sex that is void of passion, excitement and eroticism can be boring and deeply unsatisfying
  • Bad sex, or no sex, in a relationship can leave you feeling empty
  • When you’re comfortable with each other’s likes/dislikes, there’s little reason to experiment and explore
  • Lack of sexual activity can make you crave steamy one-night stands and casual sex with hot guys

You can get the balance right and enjoy great sex – whether you’re single, or in a happy (or sexless) committed relationship – by enhancing your flirting skills with someone you connect with on ManChat gay chat line. Anonymously chat, text and communicate online, and explore the sexual possibilities. If you’re on to a good thing, it’s easy to turn your flirtation into a date night sexual encounter.

Gay Dating

Is Gay Mobile Dating The Way Forward?

Man in check shirt smiling whilst looking at mobile phone

We’ve all been stuck at home for a long time now and we’re having to find new ways to date and get to know people.

If you’re getting bored of swiping on dating apps, why not try something a little bit different? Our gay mobile dating service is a great way to chat to singles from all over the UK on your mobile.

You can join for free and add some details about yourself, then start looking for members.

Like the look of someone? Send them a message!

You can see profile photos of potential matches and add your own. You can then message other members without giving away your number. It’s completely safe and anonymous.


How do I join?

It’s really simple! Use the online form to fill out your details. You can upload a photo too. Once you’re all set up, you can use the search facility to look for other members near you.

Top up your account with credits and start messaging guys you like the look of!

It’s so easy to get signed up and start chatting so whilst you’re stuck indoors, get chatting to single guys in your area with Man Chat‘s gay mobile dating!


Date Ideas Gay Dating

Social Distancing Date Ideas For Autumn

Two men sitting in a restaurant eating and laughingWhilst social distancing is still in place, how are you supposed to go on dates? Especially now autumn is here and the weather is colder, you can’t just go and sit in the park – well you can, but it might be a bit wet and cold! So what can you do?

We’ve listed some autumn friendly date ideas for you with social distancing in mind.

Book a table in a restaurant or pub

You’ll need to check local (and national) restrictions, but at the time of writing this most places are still open for you to go and have food, so if you’d like a traditional date, book somewhere nice for you to go and have a nice meal and get to know each other.

Go to a zoo or nature park

These are classic date ideas and for the most part are still possible. They’re great places to visit for plenty to see and talk about, in case you get stuck for conversation. It’s also great if you’re not keen on going somewhere indoors.

Go for a walk

Weather permitting you can still go for a walk in your local park, along the seafront or in the countryside. Just make sure you dress for the weather so you don’t get cold or ruin those new shoes!

Visit a museum or art gallery

If these are within both your interests they’re a great idea for an indoor date if you’re both comfortable with that. There’s plenty to talk about and you can bond over similar passions and interests.

Video call

Of course the safest option is still a video call date. If you’re not comfortable enough to meet yet, or if local restrictions are preventing it, then you can still have a date through the phone. Get a glass of wine and chat in the comfort of your own home.

So whether you’d rather an inside date or an outside date, we’ve got a few suggestions to try.
If you’re still looking for someone, get chatting to gorgeous guys on Man Chat today!

Date Ideas Gay Dating

Dating Whilst Social Distancing

Young smiling man laying on the sofa messaging on his mobile phone at home.

Dating has had to take a back seat for a lot of people in the current situation but it doesn’t need to stop entirely.

There are a number of ways you can still “go” dating and spend time getting to know someone, or maintaining the connection you already have.

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below for you to try!

Have a video call date

Whether you’ve never met, or you’ve been together a while, this is a great way to connect and have a decent chat. You can see each other so it’s easier to see emotions and hear tone of voice so you will see each other’s personalities. There are many different apps that offer video calling and some even have built in games that you can play!

Cook something together

You can also use video calling to do things together like cook a meal. You can both agree on what it’s going to be beforehand to give you a chance to prepare, then you can chat and cook and even eat together.

If you don’t like cooking, you could order a takeaway and eat it together on video chat, or if you’re a little adventurous (and trusting!) you could order a takeaway for each other.

Watch a movie together

If there’s something you both want to see, be it a movie or a TV series, watch it together! You can message throughout or have a conversation about it at the end to pick apart what you’ve just watched. It means you immediately have someone to talk to about something exciting happening!

Go for a walk together

Now we’re allowed to meet outside at a 2m distance, you could meet up and go for a walk round your local park or a long the seafront if you’re on the coast. It will give you chance to either get to know each other, or see each other if you’ve not been together for a long time.

Have a sexy phone call

If you’re isolated away from your partner it can be very lonely and you’ll be missing the intimate moments. It’s the perfect time to experiment with some phone sex! You can either explore fantasies or relive exciting times that you remember.

If you’re currently single and want to start dating, there are loads of guys from all over the UK chatting on Man Chat so join today!

Phone Chat Text Chat

Chat To Guys From Home!

Happy man using mobile phone at home in living room

As we’re all currently stuck inside, how are we supposed to remain social and keep the boredom at bay?

Our chat line and text chat can help! If you fancy talking to fit guys from all over the UK then this is the place!

All our callers are genuine so you know you’re talking to a person and not an operator – we don’t hire those.

Our phone chat is great because you get these features:

  • Chat Live
  • Create a personal voicemail
  • Choose your region
  • Exchange messages

All for 25p/min from your mobile (with NO hidden charges!) or 13p/min from your landline plus your phone company’s access charge. Call now!

If you’d rather opt for some text chat on your mobile, you can join in the fun on our text chat service by texting LADS to 79090, or join our great mobile dating!

You’ll be matched with gorgeous guys in your area and can get chatting to them direct on your mobile!

Texts are charged at £1.50 per message received (you may receive up to 3 replies) and the mobile dating is done in top-ups so you can keep an eye on what you’re spending.

So there’s no need to feel bored or lonely if you’re stuck on your own, get chatting to guys now!

Date Ideas Gay Dating

Do You Need Some Autumn Date Ideas?

Two men looking at each other and holding a cut out heart shape

When the temperature drops in autumn it can be difficult to think of things to do on a date. We’ve listed a few below to give you some ideas.

Keep yourselves warm by going on a bike ride.
There are loads of cycle trails, find one near you and maybe even stop off for a drink along the way. The cycling is fun and will keep you warm.

If walking is more your thing, go to a local park.
The colours in autumn are beautiful, head to a park for a walk and/or a picnic and catch all the great scenery as the leaves change.

Go to a nice local pub.
If you’re feeling a little bit chilly after your walk in the park, find a nice local pub with a log fire and snuggle up beside it to warm yourselves back up.

Stay home and cook dinner.
You can either cook a meal for your partner, or you could cook or bake something together.
If you want something a bit more adventurous you could take a cooking class together and learn something new.

Find an independent local coffee shop.
There are always new coffee shops and cafés popping up so find one you’ve not tried yet. If you’re feeling brave why not try something new or even order for each other?!

Snuggle up and watch a movie.
You might not feel like going outside much as the weather gets colder. Stay inside, cuddle up with some blankets and watch your favourite movies.

Read your favourite books together.
If you both enjoy reading, you can cuddle up together and read your favourite book or that new book you keep meaning to read.
You could even recommend your favourite books and read each other’s together, stopping at interesting points to have a discussion about it.

If you’re looking for that special someone to go on these dates with, check out Man Chat today!

Pride Events

Pride Month – UK Pride Events

Pride Month Pride Flag

June is Pride Month! We’ve compiled a list of all the Pride events taking place all around the UK this month so make a note in your diary!

1st – Northumberland Pride

1st – Oxford Pride

1st – Bradford Pride

8th – Blackpool Pride

8th-9th – Coventry Pride

8th – York Pride

8thCambridge Pride

9thPride in London 10K

15th – Essex Pride

15thCanterbury Pride

16th – Stoke on Trent Pride

20th-29th – Dublin Pride

22nd – Edinburgh Pride

22nd – Lancaster Pride

22ndPortsmouth Pride

22nd – Suffolk Pride

22nd – Exmouth Pride

22nd – The Pink Picnic (Salford Pride)

22nd – Sunnypride (Rhyl)

29th – Colchester Pride

29th – Pride in the Park (Crewe)

29thGreat Yarmouth Pride

You can get chatting with single guys on our great chat line or text chat. Swap voice messages and chat live on our phone chat service, or swap messages and pics on our text chat service. There are always guys on the line to chat to from all over the UK, so wherever you are, find out who is near you and which Pride events they’re going to and hook up!

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6 Ways To Tell If Your Date Likes You

Not sure if someone is interested in you? Want to know the signs to look for to gauge if you might get a second date? If you notice these signals, they may well be into you!

1. They ask you lots of questions.

If he’s asking you a lot of questions about yourself and seems genuinely interested – then it’s very likely that he actually is!
If you like someone, you’ll want to make time to find out more about them, so if they’re making an effort to learn about you then it’s likely they have a vested interest in you.

2. Mutual eye contact.

Whilst asking you lots of questions, your date might be maintaining eye contact with you. If he’s interested in you he’s much more likely to try and catch your eye and will maintain eye contact whilst talking to you.
Maintaining eye contact elevates your oxytocin levels and increases mutual attraction so it’s worth giving it a go if you’re interested in them. Just make sure that your eye contact doesn’t end up verging on staring as that’s rude and might scare your date!

3. Inward leaning.

The way a person is sitting is an important gauge as to whether they like you. People tend to lean towards people they like. For example uncrossing their arms/legs or leaning over a table or if you’re sitting next to each other, they’d be likely turned towards you to give you their full attention. This may also make you subconsciously lean towards them too, if you’re interested, that is!

4. No barriers between you.

If someone is interested in you, they’re likely to remove any barriers or obstacles that are between you. If they’re sitting opposite you they might move to sit next to you and  move things out of the way so they can see you better. Also as mentioned previously, they may uncross their arms or legs as this can be seen as a barrier, so removal of this leaves them more open towards you. Make sure if you are interested in them to make yourself more open and uncross your arms to remove the barrier.

5. Finding excuses to touch you.

When someone likes you they’ll quite often go out of their way to find excuses to touch you. This might be lightly touching your arm as they talk to you or finding an excuse to hold your hand.
Another way they could touch you is by “preening”- picking fluff off your clothing or straightening your clothes could be an indication that they’re interested in you.

6. Mirroring.

Subtle mirroring indicates attraction. If they cross their arms when you do, or uncross their legs when you do then it is very likely that there is attraction there.
People who like one another are likely to mirror each other’s body positions. It can help establish rapport and sends a subconscious signal that you’re interested.

Chat with genuine local singles today with Man Chat!

Gay Dating

Give A Good First Impression On Your First Date


Everyone wants to make a good impression on a first date. Read our tips and secure that second date no problem!


Be on time.

It’s always rude to be late but being late on a first date is definitely not going to win you any brownie points. Fair enough if you have a valid reason but make sure you let them know and tell them why and if you can, roughly when you think you’ll arrive. Definitely don’t cancel on your date unless you absolutely have to, otherwise they will be unlikely to give you a second chance.


Dress appropriately.

If you’re going to a nice restaurant, don’t turn up in shorts and flip flops! Equally if you’re just going to a café for a coffee, there’s no need to wear a suit!
You don’t need to spend hours choosing an outfit but your date will appreciate you making a bit of effort and shows that you’re serious about your date.

Make eye contact.

You’re much more likely to connect with the other person if you make eye contact. They’ll know you’re listening and are interested in what they’re saying, rather than looking around the room and not paying attention. It will also help you to know if they’re making eye contact with you as well, as then you’ll know they’re engaged in the conversation and interested in you.


Ask questions.

You need to let your date know that you’re interested in them and the best way to show that is to ask questions about them. Only ask things that are relevant and that you genuinely want to know. There’s no point getting into a deep conversation about something you know nothing about. Keep the conversation light hearted and get to know each other.
Also make sure you listen to their answers and don’t keep talking about yourself!


Don’t have your phone out.

You’re probably only going to be with your date for a couple of hours for your initial meeting, to suss whether you’re interested on taking it further. There is no need to keep checking your phone – your date wants your full attention. Put your phone in your bag/pocket and only look at it when you absolutely need to.


Be mindful of your manners.

Not only do you need to be aware of your manners with your date, you need to make sure you’re polite to everyone around you. Your date will be watching how you handle yourself and if you’re rude to waiting staff, they won’t be impressed. Treat people how you want to be treated and you’ll get more respect.


 Pay them compliments.

If you’re interested in your date and would like to see them again, compliment them. Tell them you like something they’re wearing, or that they have lovely eyes. Something that simple will let them know you like them and if they like you back they’ll return the favour!


Get chatting to singles in your area with Man Chat!