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Casual Gay Sex Vs Relationship Gay Sex

Gay Sex

For sex to be great, it should ideally be an erotically charged, exciting and fun experience that leaves you and your partner both feeling orgasmically satisfied and exhilarated. Unfortunately for most people, the quality, and frequency, of sex usually starts to wane once the honeymoon period is over in a relationship. How you feel about yourself, your body confidence, and the way that you connect with other people, also play a part in the fulfilment of your sex life.

Not getting enough sex, if you’re in a relationship, may tempt you to stray and go in search of casual gay sex that is uninhibited. Gay, bi and straight men looking for ways to make their sex life more thrilling enjoy no strings attached fun on the phone, when they hook up with guys who are just as horny, on ManChat.

Whether you’re looking for short-term NSA encounters, or hoping to meet a man who is Mr Right for the long-term, you can definitely find the perfect match for you, on a phone chat, text and online dating service that is nationwide.

Casual Gay Sex – The Pros & The Cons

Casual gay sex will appeal to you, if you’re the kind of man who tends to view sex as a goal, and you want it frequently and regularly, with a variety of partners. Besides being exciting and risqué, casual sex gives you the freedom to explore your sexuality, with no pressure or obligation involved.


  • Having sex with someone you’ve just met can be intoxicating, addictive and liberating
  • Hooking up with different guys can add variety to your sexual repertoire
  • One-time hook-ups can be the perfect antidote to getting over a relationship break up, or help to enhance the level of intimacy that you have in a current relationship
  • Casual sex can give you a massive ego boost, and elevate your self-confidence
  • It’s easy to connect and click with a genuine casual sex partner on ManChat, for flirty banter, or a hot date that promises casual sex


  • You’ve got to be willing to put in the effort to get what you want – sign up for free on the gay text chat dating service and start your casual sex search today
  • Not all casual sexual encounters will live up to your expectations – so be realistic!
  • So many men, so little time! If you don’t have a sexual type, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of profiles of different men featured on the site

Relationship Gay Sex

When you’re in a committed gay relationship, the sexual intimacy that you share with your partner means a lot more than just getting your rocks off. In a relationship, you can feel vulnerable, emotionally bonded and loved. If the partnership lacks trust, mutual respect and harmony however, sex usually suffers and can become a chore, an obligation or non-existent.


  • Great sex in a relationship makes you feel fulfilled, loved and happy
  • You know each other’s sexual likes/dislikes and have healthy boundaries
  • If you’re on the same wavelength, you can explore your sexuality, kinks and fetishes in a safe space
  • Your emotional needs are also met
  • Sex is virtually on tap


  • It’s easy to fall into a predictable sexual pattern – sex only at the weekends, or routine sexual positions
  • Sex that is void of passion, excitement and eroticism can be boring and deeply unsatisfying
  • Bad sex, or no sex, in a relationship can leave you feeling empty
  • When you’re comfortable with each other’s likes/dislikes, there’s little reason to experiment and explore
  • Lack of sexual activity can make you crave steamy one-night stands and casual sex with hot guys

You can get the balance right and enjoy great sex – whether you’re single, or in a happy (or sexless) committed relationship – by enhancing your flirting skills with someone you connect with on ManChat gay chat line. Anonymously chat, text and communicate online, and explore the sexual possibilities. If you’re on to a good thing, it’s easy to turn your flirtation into a date night sexual encounter.

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Chat To Guys From Home!

Happy man using mobile phone at home in living room

As we’re all currently stuck inside, how are we supposed to remain social and keep the boredom at bay?

Our chat line and text chat can help! If you fancy talking to fit guys from all over the UK then this is the place!

All our callers are genuine so you know you’re talking to a person and not an operator – we don’t hire those.

Our phone chat is great because you get these features:

  • Chat Live
  • Create a personal voicemail
  • Choose your region
  • Exchange messages

All for 25p/min from your mobile (with NO hidden charges!) or 13p/min from your landline plus your phone company’s access charge. Call now!

If you’d rather opt for some text chat on your mobile, you can join in the fun on our text chat service by texting LADS to 79090, or join our great mobile dating!

You’ll be matched with gorgeous guys in your area and can get chatting to them direct on your mobile!

Texts are charged at £1.50 per message received (you may receive up to 3 replies) and the mobile dating is done in top-ups so you can keep an eye on what you’re spending.

So there’s no need to feel bored or lonely if you’re stuck on your own, get chatting to guys now!

Phone Chat

Phone Sex Chat

If you’re looking for hot phone sex chat with sexy guys in your area then call Man Chat today for live 121 chat with guys on the line right now!

Our chatline is full of genuine guys to chat to – they’re not paid operators – so you know you’re chatting to actual single men.

It doesn’t matter what time you call our chatline, you will find guys chatting. They’re on the line 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

You will also find our gay chat line much cheaper than using a generic phone sex line. These are usually on expensive 0909 numbers.

Calling our service can cost as little as 4p a minute if you set up a pre-paid card account or if you call from a landline it’s just 13p a minute (plus your phone company’s access charge).

Calling from a mobile is just 25p per minute on our shortcode – 84422 – and there are NO hidden charges!

Phone Sexy Gay Guys Now!

N.B. Never give out your details on a chat line and always meet your date in a public place and tell friends where you are going.

Gay Dating Phone Chat

Top Ten Tips For Dating On A Chatline

Don’t fancy online dating or haven’t had much success? Try ManChat and chat with guys on your phone!

  1. If you don’t like the sound of his voice, don’t be put off! People can sound totally different on the phone to how they do in person so if you get on and want to meet up then go for it!
  2. If you do get to the point where you decide you want to meet up with them then please be sensible about it. Tell a friend where you are going and make sure you meet him in a public place at a sensible time of day.
  3. Don’t give out your personal information on the chatline. If you decide you want to meet up with a guy, make the arrangements through the chatline – it’s better to be safe and cautious when meeting people.
  4. Set up a personal mailbox so guys can leave you messages when you are not online. It’s easy to do and you get your own account number and PIN so you can access it any time.
  5. Record a good introduction message about yourself. Try not to make it too long but you want the guys to like the sound of you so make sure to highlight your best qualities!
  6. Too shy to speak to people directly? Then send a voice message to their mailbox first or even try our text chat service. People text much more than they talk on the phone so why not give it a try?!
  7. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not upload a picture of yourself so interested parties can download it and check you out?! Please do keep them clean though, otherwise they won’t get past the moderation team.
  8. If someone is being nasty, obscene or rude on the service then please report them to the moderators and bar them from contacting you.
  9. If you call the service a lot then you might want to try setting up a pre-paid credit card account which will allow you to call the service at a cheaper rate so you’ll get more talk time for your money.
  10. Remember to have fun and enjoy it. Dating shouldn’t turn into a chore. Chat and be yourself and this could help you find that special someone.

Give ManChat a try today and chat with single guys from all over the UK!

Phone Chat

Save Money When Calling Our Chat Line From A Mobile!

Calling us from your mobile? Then call our mobile short code – 84422 – for only 25p per minute from all mobile networks with NO access charges.

For example, if you are calling from a Vodafone mobile and you call our 0872 number, it will cost you 13p per minute plus their access charge of 55p per minute, so in total you would be spending 68p per minute.

If you made the same call using our mobile short code then you would only be charged 25 pence per minute with NO EXPENSIVE ACCESS CHARGES – that saves you 43p per minute!

See our table below for a comparison of all access charges.

NetworkMobile Access Charge (per minute)*Landline Access Charge (per minute)*
Tesco Mobile25pN/A
Virgin Media36p11.25p
N.B. Some providers have a 1 minute minimum charge.

 *Prices correct as of 20th October 2016. You should always check with your service provider.

** Vodafone users may need to ask for the premium rate bar to be removed to enable access to this service.

Alternatively, if you use our service a lot then think about setting up a prepaid credit or debit card account and use our freephone number to access the service.

This is the cheapest way to access our service and a great way to call Man Chat if you are calling from a mobile or don’t want any 08 numbers showing on your phone bill.

  • Open an account for £10 and we will give you £20 free – that’s 250 minutes of talk time for just 4ppm!
  • Further top-ups of £10 will buy 83 minutes of talk time
  • Top-ups can be done in units of £10, £20 or £30
  • If you choose our £30 option, we’ll give you an extra £10 of talk time absolutely free!


So what are you waiting for? Call Man Chat today!

Gay Dating Phone Chat Text Chat

Why Use ManChat – Chat Lines, Text and Dating?


Looking for love but unsure about using a chat line service? It might just be the best thing you do!

ManChat is the place for men to meet, chat, date and more on your phone, by text message or online. It’s the perfect social networking tool for contacting hot guys from all over the UK.

There are loads of guys already using our service! No matter what type of guy you are looking for, there’s a great selection on ManChat!

You can listen to the messages of other guys looking for dates and leave a message in their voicemail box if you would like to chat to them. It’s easy, private, secure, anonymous and totally discreet!

If you don’t want to chat to other singles on the phone and are more comfortable texting then we can offer that too!  You can get matches and photos straight to your mobile without giving out your number! Text Chat UK costs £1.50 for 5 messages sent to and received from other members, including profile messages. (Standard network charges apply).

Our chat lines are great value for money. When you call our 087 number we only charge 13p per minute (check with your provider about their service charge).

If you’re calling from a mobile it’s much easier and cheaper to use our shortcode as it’s only 25p per minute with NO extras!

Set up a credit card account for even better value for money!
Open an account for £10 and we’ll give you £20 free – that’s 250 minutes of talk time making it just 4ppm! Further top-ups of £10 will buy 83 minutes of talk time. Top-ups can be done in units of £10, £20 or £30. If you choose our £30 option, we’ll give you an extra £10 of talk time absolutely free!

You’ll meet loads of guys on this service so remember to always take care when you arrange a date. Be sensible and safe and always try to meet them somewhere public and don’t forget to tell a friend where you’re going. Lastly, don’t give out your contact details or personal information to anyone.

Start chatting to genuine guys now, on the UK’s busiest gay chat line.