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Just create your profile and swap messages with real guys from all over the UK. On the train, in the pub, down the gym - you can do it anywhere. Your mobile number is never given out so it's private and discreet.





Text Chat UK costs £1.50 for 5 messages sent to and received from other members, including profile messages.
Standard network charges apply. 18 years or over only.

Don't want to go online or talk to anyone? Cool! Just pick up your mobile and get profiles sent direct to you. Swap SMS with real guys and download photos.

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Gay Text Chat - Need help using our service?

How does this text chat service work?

It brings you a great mobile service for gay, straight and bi guys. It's a easy to use sms contact and chat service that's private and anonymous. We will start sending you matches of men in your chosen area to the privacy of your mobile. It's one of the fastest ways to meet up with guys near you and its oh so simple so give it a try now.

How do I join?

Text the word LADS to 66365 - We'll then send you a text asking your age plus the age of the people you want to chat with, along with some additional information such as your postcode. At this stage all messages are free.

How much does it cost?

Charges will appear on your mobile phone bill for £1.50 for every reverse billed message you receive. This entitles you to send and receive 5 messages with other members. These messages may be a 'Hi' message that another member has sent, or chat messages that other members send in response to your 'Hi' message. After every 6 reverse billed messages (you've spent £9), you'll be sent a free text message advising how much you've spent and inviting you to text MORE if you wish to continue to use the service.

Is there an age requirement?

Sorry guys, you've got to be 18 years or over to use this service.

Can I remain anonymous?

Contact details such as phone numbers and addresses are not allowed. We will not disclose any mobile numbers to any other members so you remain completely anonymous. All interactions are on a one-to-one basis.

I have registered and received my first matched, now what must I do?

Great, it's easy just simply reply to the text like you would normally and your message will be sent to the sender.

Can I send pictures?

You will be able to send a picture of yourself via a MMS message to other guys on the service. Please note that all pictures are moderated.

What restrictions are there on the service?

As stated earlier, you must be 18 years or older. There are a strict set of industry guidelines that disallow the transmission of content such as foul language, racial slurs etc. The service moderates text chat and any messages that breach the guidelines will be returned to the sender with a request for re-composition. The sender will be warned of the consequences of future digressions. Repeat offenders will have their membership terminated and their mobile number will be barred from further activity on the service.

How do I stop and cancel the service?

You can cancel the service any time by sending STOP to 66365. This will remove all your details from the system. Alternatively you can send SUSPEND to 66365 which will mean that you do not receive further messages. Your details and your contacts will remain on the gay text chat service and you can continue chatting by sending MORE when you're ready.

What if I need help or I am unhappy with the gay text chat service?

If you encounter any problems then call our helpdesk on 0330 333 8761